Dates that normally grow only in Arab Countries are now being grown and harvested in certain parts of the e Eastern Province in an unexpected manner.

The Faculty of Islamic studies and Arabic Language Academics of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka who tried this maiden attempt have succeeded and did a bumper harvest carried out for the first time on Wednesday. The harvesting ceremony held under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor Prof. MMM Najim was attended by Dean of the Faculty As-Sheikh SMM Mazahir, Dean of the faculty of Arts and Culture Fouzul Ameer Registrar H.Abdul Saththar, Head of Arabic Department UL Munaz, Curator A.Shamsar, Legal Officer ARM Zulfi and lecturers and Academic and non-academic Staff of the University.

Speaking at this ceremony just after the harvesting at the Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Faculty premises presided over by the Curator Shamsar, Vice Chancellor Prof MMM Najim praised the untiring efforts taken by the Curator department and the Faculty Staff headed by Senior Lecturer Munaz who involved in this venture. At this juncture he also gratefully remembered the Former Minister of Higher Education SB Dissanayake who was mainly instrumental for the successful dates harvesting. The grateful thanks also go to the former Vice Chancellor and Islamic studies and Arabic Language Faculties.

Prof. Najim in his speech added that growing dates is a profitable venture and advised the gathering to try this project and engage in this venture as it gives a good turn over. He also advised the FIA Faculty and Curator department to show interest in this venture.

It is announced that a tree has given 57 kg fruits of dates (ripe) apart from the raw dates in the tree and the Vice- Chancellor advised the Departmental concerned to put them in sale which lasted only a few hours and all dates put for sale has been sold out like hot cake.

Bumber harvest of Dates at SEUSL Bumber harvest of Dates at SEUSL Bumber harvest of Dates at SEUSL