The most recent ranking of Scientists in Sri Lankan Institutions carried out by Webometrics Ranking in April, 2016. Dr.Abdul Majeed Muzathik, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of South Eastern university of Sri Lanka, has been named as the one of scientist out of the 183 scientists in sri Lanka, according to their Google Scholar citation profiles.

Dr. Muzathik who hails from Akkaraipattu in the Ampara district is presently serving as the Head of the Department of the Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The South Eastern University of Sri Lanka who has taken a major role in establishing this Faculty. He joined this University in 2013 after an invaluable contributions to University of Moratuwa for well over 10 years. He has been ranked as the top Google Scholar from the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka and has achieved pinnacle in research works. Dr.Muzathik is the one and only academic staff who has been ranked as a top Google Scholar from the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

According to the webomerics ranking, Peradeniya University tops the list with 44 scientist while the Colombo University and the Kelaniya University secures the second and third places with 38 and 29 scientist, respectively. Meanwhile, Moratuwa University as 13 scientists, Sri Jayawardenapura University 11, Jaffna University 09, Ruhunu university 08, Rajarata University 04, open University 03, Uwa Wellassa University 02, Institute of Fundamental Studies 07 and other higher Institutions 11. At the same time South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sabragamuwa University, Eastern University, and Wayamba University has achieved one scientist each.

This is the first time in the history that an Academic Dr. Muzathik of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka goes in the ranking of Scientists of Sri Lanka in the year 2015. This achievement has been made possible due to the dedication and untiring efforts of Dr. Muzathik. It may be noted that the Webmoetricts ranking considers two indicators namely the 'H Index' and number of citations.

His research works presented at Local and International Research symposia and published internationally reputed indexed Journals and establishing links with other Institutions and stakeholders. The University Community appreciates his contributions with gratitude and expects his further continuous improvements of his positions in the rankings.