Frequently Asked Questions

It is located in Oluvil, along Colombo – Batticoloa Highway (A4 Highway), around 9.8 km North from Akkaraippattu and 14.4 km South from Kalmunai, in Ampara district of Eastern province of Sri Lanka. The postal address of SEUSL is South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, University Park, Oluvil, #32360, Sri Lanka.

The South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා අග්නිදිග විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය, Tamil: இலங்கை தென்கிழக்குப் பல்கலைக்கழகம், ) is a public university Established in 1995 as a university college and it became a full-fledged university in 1996. University College was ceremonially inaugurated with a batch of 33 students belonging to the academic year 1992/93.

Faculty of Arts and Culture - 1995
Faculty of Management and Commerce - 1995
Faculty of Applied Sciences - 1997
Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language - 2005
Faculty of Engineering - 2013
Faculty of Technology - 2016

Faculty of Arts and Culture
Faculty of Management and Commerce
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Technology

– Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology

Bachelor of Biosystems Technology

There are around 5000+ students representing all the districts, communities and religions in Sri Lanka.

Yes. SEUSL has few foreign students.

Candidates must pass the A/Levels examination with Z Score above cutoff level. The entry rules are laid down in the Students Handbook issued by the University Grants Commission for the relevant year. The student registration is done through the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.

Prospective students should apply to University Grants Commission (UGC). Foreign students also can apply who have fulfilled the entry criteria prescribed by the UGC.

The Faculties of Management and Commerce, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology offer the courses in English medium while the faculties of Arts and Culture and Islamic Studies and Arabic Language offer the courses in Tamil and English.

Students are taught English language during the Orientation Programme offered for new entrants and English language is taught during the degree programmes for further improvement. English language proficiency before entering the University is an additional advantage.

The university conducts a program for the freshers at the relevant faculties. This programme lasts for few weeks. During this period the new students are taken through programs of culture, heritage, law, academic overview, facilities and mentoring. Moreover, the parents of students become stakeholders of the university.

SEUSL follows semester system. Each semester consists of 15 weeks of study followed by two weeks of study leave and then the end semester examinations are conducted. After each semester, there will be a short vacation.
Each course is based on a credit value and a credit is usually 15 hours of lectures or 30/45 hours of practical classes or combinations of both accordingly.

A bachelors degree student should follow and successfully complete a minimum of 90 credits as prescribed by the Faculty for the degree programme and a minimum of 120 credits in case of an honours degree.

End Semester Examination is being conducted at the end of the semester which is followed by weeks of learning session and two weeks study leave.

Continues assessment is a series of class assignments and other forms of in-class assessments.A portion of marks from Continues Assessment added to the final result.

Yes. SEUSL through its Center for External Degrees and Professional Learning (CEDPL) offers BA in Arts, BCom and BBA degree programmes as external degree programmes. In addition, CEDPL offers diploma in Journalism, Counselling, English and IT.

Yes. SEUSL offers PGDM, MBA, MPhil and MA in Languages...

The University provides hostel facilities to all the eligible students during the entire three or four years of study from all the Faculties. SEUSL has a medical center, dedicated ambulance service, sports and recreational facilities, student clubs/societies, cafeteria facilities, religious places of worship for all the major religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity) etc.

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