Call For Papers (Vol. 1 No. 2 2016) - JISIT

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Journal of Information Systems & Information Technology (JISIT) is one of the peer reviewed journals of the Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC), South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. The aim of the JISIT is to publish academically robust research papers, critical reviews and opinions on the organizational, social and management issues associated with significant information-based technologies.

The JISIT publishes scholarly research articles on, but not limited to: computer-mediated communication, data communications, decision support systems, e-learning, e-commerce, IT diffusion and adoption, knowledge management, network economics, outsourcing, software development methodologies, systems design and implementation, virtual teams, workflow and process management, collaborative work systems/ management, human factors, data mining, knowledge discovery, data warehouse, OLAP, ontologies, database architectures/applications, ethics in IS, architectures/infrastructures, agent/intelligent/knowledge-based systems, functional information systems, impacts of information systems, IT globalization, inter-organizational systems, virtual business, emerging information technologies, knowledge management, organizational learning, knowledge networks, management information systems, management of information resources, metrics/benchmarking, capabilities evaluation, research methods, IT valuation, information economics, etc.

The primary aim of the JISIT is to provide a platform for researchers to disseminate their findings globally. Therefore, articles are published in the JISIT free of charge.

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