Foreign Students and Lecturing Staff who have selected South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for their higher studies and imparting knowledge to Sri Lankan students met the Vice-Chancellor Prof. MMM Najim at the Board Room of the Office of the Vice Chancellor last week.

After a brief self introduction by the foreign students they had very cordial and lively discussions with the Vice Chancellor and the Administrative Staff centered on their future education, security, accommodation, excursions and other matters relating to the movements in and outsides. The students who have come from China, Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, Korea, Swaziland, Bangladesh and India aired their grievances and their expectations were promised by the Vice Chancellor to take care of them and assured that they would be very favourably looked into.

Vice Chancellor Najim addressing the students and lecturers said that he was happy to receive them very cordially to the SEUSL and thanked them to select this University for their future educational upliftment. He said that they are all here like the Ambassadors of their Countries and they should be careful in their every deal and always maintain their status and reputation. He added that the involvements of unwanted things or disrepute their country and our Institution are totally not allowed or done in the vicinity. Finally he assured them that they would be provided with all provisions and facilities in order to furtherance their educational activities and soon he said he would arrange an excursion to go around Sri Lanka to see themselves its natural beauties and other tourists attractive spots.

Registrar H.Abdul Saththar in his address detailed the ethics and code of conduct of the students in moving around the vicinity and how they should behave in outside. He wanted them they should always keep them informed whenever they go out for any purposes. This is not to control them but for their security and safety.

Staff of the Student Support Services and Welfare, Accommodation and Foreign Students welfare and other Administrative were also present.

At the conclusion of the meeting Abdullah Al Mamun of Bangladesh presented a Bouquet to Vice Chancellor Prof. Najim as mark of their kind and remembrance on behalf of the Foreign Students.

Foreign Students meet Vice Chancellor Foreign Students meet Vice Chancellor Foreign Students meet Vice Chancellor