On the recommendation of the University Grants Commission, the Board of Trustees of the Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund selects students who satisfy the eligibility criteria to receive the Mahapola scholarships in every admission year. The selected list of students will be notified to the university. Payments are made in 10 installments per academic year and a student receives a sum of Rs. 5,050.00 or Rs. 5,000.00 per installment as merit or ordinary scholarship jointly from the Mahapola Trust Fund (MTF) and University Grants Commission.

Selected students are requested to mandate a bank account at any Bank and to submit the details of the account to the Students’ Welfare Division for payment arrangements. Since Mahapola installments directly credited to the bank accounts of the students under the new scheme of the Mahapola installments payments the correct account numbers should be submitted. In case, if a student changes his/her account number, he/she should inform about the particular issue to this division. In case any account number has to be changed, a certified account copy by the Registrar of the University with his/her official frank will be sent to the Mahapola Trust Fund as per the attached format. Furthermore, students who have already informed their account numbers details online are not permissible to change their account number from to time.

The list of names of the students who are selected for Mahapola scholarship confirmed by the University shall be corrected and completed in every aspect and the total number of students and its variation shall be submitted with the reconciliation report with the previous month. The final scholarship recipient list will be sent via e-mail when preparing the final recommendation list. It should be agreed with the MTF list. The list of the students shall be obtained from each faculty and the final list shall be prepared by the students’ Welfare Division.

Every scholarship recipient must engage in the relevant studies and 80% attendance is compulsory. If not, payments must not be recommended.