University Senate

Name of the Members

Ex-Officio Members

Prof. M.M.M. Najim

- Chairman


Dr. A. Rameez

- Dean / Faculty of Arts and Culture

Dr. S. Gunapalan

- Dean / Faculty of Management and Commerce

Dr. UL. Zainudeen

- Dean / Faculty of Applied Sciences

Mr. SMM. Mazahir

- Dean / Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

Dr. SM. Junaideen

- Dean / Faculty of Engineering

Dr. M.G. Mohamed Thariq

- Dean / Faculty of Technology


Mr. MM. Rifaudeen


Prof. MAM Rameez

- Faculty of Arts and Culture

Prof. (Mrs.) FHA. Rauf

- Faculty of Management and Commerce

Prof. ALA. Rauf

- Faculty of Management and Commerce

Prof. Aboobacker Jahufer

- Faculty of Management and Commerce

Prof. MBM. Ismail

- Faculty of Management and Commerce

Prof. AM. Muzathik

- Faculty of Engineering


Ms. MASF. Saadiya

- Head / Dept. of Languages

Mr. MM. Fazil

- Head / Dept. of Political Science

Dr. AAM. Nufile

- Head / Dept. of Economics & Statistics

Dr. S. Anuzsiya

- Head / Dept. of Social Sciences

Dr. SM. Ayoob

- Head / Dept. of Sociology

Dr. AMM. Navaz

- Head / Dept. of English Language Teaching

Prof. A. Jahfer

- Head / Dept. of Accountancy and Finance

Mrs. S. Safeena MG Hassan

- Head / Dept. of Management

Mr. S. Sabraz Nawaz

- Head / Dept. of Management & Information Technology

Dr. MIM. Hilal

- Head / Dept. of Managementing Management

Mr. MHM. Rinos

- Head / Dept. of Geography

Dr. (Mrs) V. Sujarajini

- Head / Dept. of Biological Science

Mr. AL. Hanees

- Head / Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. (Mrs). AMNM. Adikaram

- Head / Dept. of Physical Sciences

Dr. AR. Nasar

- Head / Dept. of Arabic Language

Dr. MIM. Jazeel

- Head / Dept. of Islamic Studies

Eng. MI. Ilham Jazeel

- Head / Dept. of Inter Disciplinary Studies

Dr. WGCW. Kumara

- Head / Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. J. Ajith Thamboo

- Head / Dept. of Civil Engineering

Dr. U. Farook

- Head / Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. K.M. Rifthy

- Head / Dept. of Information and Communication Technology

Dr. UL. Abdul Majeed

- Head / Dept. of Biosystems Technology

Dr. MH. Haroon

- Head / Dept. of Chemical Sciences

Dr. PMK. Alakakoon

- Head / Dept. of Electrical & Telecommunication Eng.

Elected Members

Prof. MIM. Kaleel

- Faculty Nominee/ FAC

Dr. AFM. Ashraff

- Faculty Nominee/ FAC

Mr. MCA. Nazar

- Faculty Nominee/ FMC

Dr. A. Haleem

- Faculty Nominee/ FMC

Mr. MAAM. Faham

- Faculty Nominee / FAS

Dr. AM. Razmy

- Faculty Nominee / FAS

Dr. RA. Sarjoon

- Faculty Nominee/ FIA

Mrs. MCS. Shathifa

- Faculty Nominee/ FIA

Dr. JASP. Jayakody

- Faculty Nominee/ FE

Eng. ALM. Risath

- Faculty Nominee/ FE

Mr. RK. Ahmadh Rifai Kariapper

- Faculty Nominee/ FT

Dr. ANM. Mubbarak

- Faculty Nominee/ FT

On Invitation

Dr. (Mrs.) MIS. Safeena

- Director/IQAU

Dr. MBM. Amjath

- Director/CEDPL


Mr. H Abdul Saththar

- Registrar