Name of the Members

Ex-Officio Members

Prof. A. Rameez

- Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)

Prof. M.M. Fazil

- Dean - Faculty of Arts and Culture

Dr. S. Safeena M.G.H.

- Dean - Faculty of Management and Commerce

Dr. M.H. Haroon

- Dean - Faculty of Applied Sciences

Mr. M.H.A. Munas

- Dean - Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

Prof. M.A.L.A. Haleem

- Dean - Faculty of Engineering

Dr. U.L. Abdul Majeed

- Dean - Faculty of Technology

Appointed Council Members

Prof. Colin N. Peiris

Prof. S.A. Ariadurai

Dr. Ahamed Iqbal

Eng. T. Sivasubramaniyam

Mr. P. Premnath

Dr. A.L. Joufer Sadique

Prof. Hema M.K.K. Pathirana

Dr. U.L.M. Ismail

Prof. Upali S. Amarasinghe

Dr. A.L. Fareed

Senate Nominees to the Council

Prof. M.I.M. Hilal

- Professor - Faculty of Management and Commerce

Prof. S. Sabraz Nawaz

- Professor - Faculty of Management and Commerce


Mr. M.I. Nawfer

- Acting Registrar