Name of the Members

Ex-Officio Members

Prof. A. Rameez

- Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)

Prof. M.M. Fazil

- Dean - Faculty of Arts and Culture

Dr. S. Safeena M.G.H.

- Dean - Faculty of Management and Commerce

Dr. M.H. Haroon

- Dean - Faculty of Applied Sciences

Prof. S.M.M. Mazahir

- Dean - Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

Prof. M.A.L.A. Haleem

- Dean - Faculty of Engineering

Dr. U.L. Abdul Majeed

- Dean - Faculty of Technology

Appointed Council Members

Senate Nominees to the Council

Prof. (Mrs.) F.H.A. Rauf

- Professor (Chair)

Prof. A.M. Razmy

- Professor


Mr. H Abdul Saththar

- Registrar