UGC E-Journals

E-Resources Available through National Digital Library Consortium under UGC

Note :
Those who wants to Access the subscribed E-Journal from outside SEU Domain, Follow the steps to access the below mentioned E- Journal Links.

    Access via SSO/Shibboleth (using Zoom credentials given by LEARN)

  1. Click here to access Emerald E-Journal
  2. Click here to access Oxford E-Journal
  3. Click here to access Taylor & Francis E-Journal

  4. Access via web proxy

  5. Click here to login Journals (E-Journal from outside SEU Domain (for other Journals))
  6. Click here to login Journals (E-Journal from outside SEU Domain (Emerald and Oxford Journlas only))
  7. If you are an already registered user with the SEU domain, give your official email ( as user name and password.
  8. If you are already not a registered user please click "New User" and fill that form with needed information.
  9. Once you have registered the Password will be sent to your email provided.
  10. Then users can login using username and the password.

Company Package URL

Emerald Journals

Emerald Insight
Covers, business, Management, Accounting, Education, Engineering, Sociology, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Science, ... etc.

Oxford Journals

Oxford Journals Online
Life Science, Food Science, Medicine, Mathematics, Law, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Taylor and Francis Online

Online Journal Library
SEUSL have access to full text with effect from 01st January, 2017. Almost all subjects are covered in this database.