Library User Accessible Sections for Resources, Information and Services

The SEUSL Libraries contains primarily materials in Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management Sciences and serves the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Science, Islamic Studies, Arts & Culture and Management & Commerce respectively. It also contains reference and general reading material for the entire university patrons. The collection including multiple copies of textbooks is approximately 100,000 volumes. Library has 12,473 number of special and rare collection. The Library is systematized for easy access to the books in the following manner:

1. Lending Section
2. Reference Section
3. Scheduled Reference Section
4. Uwise Sri Lankan Islamic Studies Collection
5. Periodical Section
6. Electronic Resources
7. Institutional Repository and Digital Archives
8. Arabic Collection
9. Leisure Reading Collection

Lending Section

Library materials from the Lending Collection make up the major portion of the library’s collection. This collection comprises of monographic texts and additional reading covering all the disciplines of the University’s academic and research programs. This collection is housed in the Ground Floor of the library according to subject. The larger part of the book stock is freely available to the registered users for borrowing.

Reference Section

Reference materials are kept First floor of the library. The Reference Collection comprises of dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, biographies, handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, yearbooks, gazetteers, atlases, indexes and abstracts. Reference materials are non-circulating. They are to be identified by an “R” in Red Mark on the spine or front cover.

Scheduled Reference Section

Scheduled reference books are shelved at separately at SR section at Ground floor. This section is loaded with the books and materials in high demand and specially recommended by the faculty staff for easy access and availability to the users to meet urgent needs.

Uwais Sri Lankan Islamic Studies Collection (USLISC)

The SEUSL Library has commenced building a special collection of books and other resources viz; “Uwais Sri-Lankan Islamic Studies Collection” named after late Prof MM. Uwise who pioneered in the study of Islamic Tamil Literature. The collection is a kind of Special Collection and considered 'unique' to the region, the university, people and personal collection of leading Muslim personalities of Sri Lanka. The USLISC special collection include.

01. Comprehensive collection of resources on Sri- Lanka (Sri Lankan Collection )
02. Comprehensive collection on Sri-Lankan Islamic Studies.
03. Local history collection relating to Eastern Region.
04. Institutional Repositories- Achieves
05. The Private Libraries (Ex-Libris)

Periodical Section

Periodicals are acquired both in print and electronic format recommended by the faculty members. Both current and back volumes of journals are placed in the First Floor together on the open shelves and are used for reference only.

Electronic Resources

Electronic resources refer to any source of information that can only be accessed or used via a standalone personal computer, the network or the internet. Materials in this category include CD-ROMs, e-journals, web sites and in-house or online databases. The SEUSL Library subscribes to a growing number of electronic resources to meet the challenges brought about by the digital revolutions. These resources include e-journals, e-books and reference materials. Most subscription resources authenticate by computer IP address of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. We have registered the campus IP range, with our vendors. The Library uses a Proxy Server to allow only authorized university staff and students to access licensed Library electronic resources (ex. e-books, e-journals and online databases) from off campus.

Institutional Repository and Digital Archives

SEUSL Library build its institutional repository ( which is an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of the academics of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. It has 2749 number of items in different collection under different communities. SEUSL Digital Archives ( which is another digital service of SEUSL Library that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material of organization's legacy they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication in the area of Folklore Collection, Islamic Heritage Collection, Rare materials and University Archives.

Arabic Collection

The main library has collected materials in Arabic for the benefit of users belongs to faculty of Islamic studies and Arabic Languages. The collection is housed in the ground floor of the Library.

Leisure Reading Collection

Materials in this section comprise of light reading materials covering news magazines, hobbies, crafts and the like. This section collection is established in order to promote reading habits among the users.