Library Membership

The SEUSL Library is specifically meant for the students, academics and staff of the university. In addition, general public are also permitted to use the Library for reference purpose only.

Membership Registration Procedure

All categories of users should in the first instance be registered as library members. For this purpose application forms are available at the Access services counter. Please complete the application form, attach your photo and handover at the circulation counter. You will be provided membership and guidance to check your account. Non-members are not permitted to use the library.

Borrowing Privileges

The books in the lending and schedule reference Section are meant for borrowing. Below are the categories of users and their eligibility.

User Categories No. of Lending Period (Days) Long Term Book Period (Days) SR Books Period (Days)
Student 1st year 02 14 05 180 01 01
Student 2nd year 02 14 05 180 01 01
Student 2nd year Special 03 14 05 180 01 01
Student 3rd year 03 14 05 180 01 01
Student 4th year 04 14 05 180 01 01
Postgraduate students 03 14 - - 01 07