SEUSL library provides a range of services to users to support their teaching, learning and research activities. They are lending or circulation services, photocopying service, reference and referralservice,Inter Library Loan services, document delivery services, current awareness service, access to electronic journals and Online Public Access catalogue (OPAC).

Opening Hours

Mondays to Sundays 8.15 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Except Public Holidays). Library is kept opened in all weekdays and Saturdays from 8.15am to 5.30 pm.

Extension of Library opening hours

Longer opening service hours for the Library (08.00 am to 09.00 pm), were established during the examination session, following the request of undergraduates. Indications of demand for the further extension of opening hours throughout the library system continued to be monitored closely, the possibility and implications of regular opening till 9.00pm coming under consideration.

Lending Services (Issue, return and reservation)

Library SEUSL successfully performing lending services at ground floor of main library as well as at the branch Science library. All registered members are allowed to borrow library materials according to their eligibility. Loan eligibility and borrowing period differ according to the borrower types. Borrowingcan be done at the Circulation Counter. Issuing and returning of items are done manually. Statistics of Issue and return in 2008 are shown below.

Reference Services

Reference services to Non-members

SEUSL is located among an information poor society. In South Eastern region of Sri Lanka there is not any well equipped public library, special library or information centres except this university library. Therefore we accommodate the researchers and scholars outside the university community by providing reference services in order to quench the thirst of relevant and quality information.

Referral Services

Neither our university library possess the materials/information requested by user nor the internet/online databases supports to have access to the required information Library guide the users to go to some other libraries or Information centre such as National Library, American Centre, UCSC Library and British council.

ILL or Document Supply service

The library can obtain materials which are not in our collection from other libraries. We offer ILL and Document Delivery services to facilitate library users. Some materials especially Journal articles which are not available locally maybe obtained from overseas and provided to the users in both physical and electronic mode.

Photocopying Service

SEUSL main library has already outsourced the photocopy service and at Science library our library laborer is responsible for photocopying of materials. However library does not have any statistics for this service.

Services for Physically Challenged

Centre for physically challenged is organized to cater the special needs of disabled students. This section has equipments such as wheel chairs, power chairs, Multi Media PCs, display tables and study wall tables and short lengthen shelves. One of our library attendants is always there in order to help them.

CA Bulletin (Science library)

Contents pages of newly arrived journals are photocopied and bound as a bulletin, at a regular interval. It is delivered to each department of all faculties and displayed in the library, too.

Information Services

Quick reference

The Library Academic staff provides quick reference services to assist users for their information needs then and there unmethodically.

Information search Assistance

The library subscribes to a number of CD-ROM and online databases which carry indexes,abstracts or full text articles on various subjects to facilitate literature searching activities. In addition, it has multimedia reference sources, as alternatives to the printed version. These databases are accessible at most of the public workstations.

When users request any article we download and e-mail to the particular person. If and when they request guidance to access we help them in searching, downloading and saving the required articles.

Online Public Access Catalogue

The Catalogues of the library is computerized (Book Database) and available online (OPAC). The open source software KOHA has been used for this purpose . The computer catalogue lists all the library's books, Periodicals, A-V materials and Users. These items may be accessed by author, title, subject, and key words.

Dissemination of information

Library Lecture Series

The SEUSL Library organizes a "Lecture Series" periodically to the academicstaff members & students of the South Eastern University. The main objective of this periodical lecture was to promote the reading habits of the user community.

Exhibition of Books

Library has organized many "Exhibition of Books" on various theme to Mark the several occasion.