Collection of Science Library

The Science Library contains 20360 volumes of books, primarily materials in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and English. It also contains reference and general reading material for the entire patrons of Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The collection including multiple copies of textbooks is approximately 20360 volumes. The Library is systematized for easy access to the books as described above at main library. The collection of Science Library is available online at

Publications of our university, faculty and the publications authored by faculty members are accessible through the Institutional Repository of the university (SEUIR). It can be accessed via

The Science library is located at the second and third floor of Administrative building of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Lending section is available in the second floor. In order to utilize the limited spaces available and to provide easy accessibility, we have housed the collections of Schedule reference section, Reference section, Periodicals, Multi Media Unit and Sri Lanka Collection on third floor. The sources available in each area is given below.

  • Lending Section has 14650 books for circulation
  • Scheduled Reference Section has 2193 books for overnight use. Reference Section includes 1382 reference materials.
  • Periodical Section has bound volumes of 422
  • Sri Lanka Collection 713
  • Scholarly databases include thousands of scholarly journals which is available Here

At present, the level of collections of this library is fairly adequate to support the curricula and general reference purposes of faculty members and undergraduates.