AgroTech Park opened

University students should be well disciplined and well cultured. They should not breach the law for their own benefits and involve in unwanted pursuits which paves the way for the interruption of their education and collapse the entire routinal set up of University system. In the meantime they should understand that education without discipline should be of no use. Hence, we must always adopt systems and try to create a disciplined society.

Said the Vice Chancellor South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Prof. MMM Najim at the ceremonial opening of the AgroTech Park coming under the purview of Technology Faculties of SEUSL at Malwatte in Sammanthurai recently.

Prof. Najim continuing further said that today's generation entering in to the University are forgetting their primary objective of their coming to the University and are being misguided in wrong ways tarnishing their reputations. They are being misled by their seniors and persuade them in unwanted pursuits. This should be erased off from the Universities and every student should understand his or her responsibility bestowed on their shoulders. At a time when educational systems are being modified and advanced to suit them in the job market, students also must also change their attitudes. Government understanding that just a degree alone in the University will not at all uplift their standard and take them to a bright future. Instead the system has now been modified to produce the graduates with technical skills and other talents, so that they can cope up with the present trend of job marketing. The Agro.Tech Park that is being opened today would turn out the students with sufficient knowledge and would bring revolutionary changes in the modern world. Prof. Najim appealed to students to come forward to get the get the maximum benefit out of this Agro/Tech Park. Ampara District being the predominantly agricultural areas this Agro.Tech Park can play an important role in new ventures and help the farming community for a better agricultural world.

Dean of the Faculty Dr.MGM Thariq presided over the ceremony. Dr. Sevvandi delivered the welcome address and Lecturer Lecturer Dr. ANM Mubarak proposed the vote of thanks. Registrar H.Abdul Saththar, Dean Fouzul Ameer , Deputy Registrars and Senior Asst.Registrars were also present .

Earlier Vice Chancellor Prof. Najim inaugurated the services of a luxury mini bus of the Faculty of technology at the Faculty in Oluvil which took the Academics and Academics of the Faculty to Malwatte where the Agro/Tech Park was opened. Finally the Vice Chancellor Najim and the invitees participated in the tree planting programme too.

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