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An Internationally Renowned Center in South Asia for Higher Learning and Innovations in Sciences, Technologies and Humanities.

Executive Committee
Chairperson : Mrs.Sareena Umma M. A. G
Co-ordinator : Mr. MH. Thowfeek
Secretary : Mr.M. Mohamed Shiraj

Track Coordinators
Business & Entrepreneurial Development : Mrs. MAC. Sulaiha Beevi
Marketing Management : Mr. ALMA. Shameem
Human Research Development : Mr. MAM. Hussain Ali
Accounting and Finance : Mr.A.L. Sarifudeen
Technology Management : Ms. M. Murshitha
Economics : Mr. AMM. Mustafa

Programme Committee
: Mrs. Sareena Umma M. A. G.
: Dr. S. Gunapalan
: Mrs. AM. Inun Jariya
: Mr. S. Sabraz Nawaz
: Mr. MH. Thowfeek
: Mr. MBM. Ismail
: Mrs. S. Safeena M.G. Hassan
: Mr.MB.Mohamed Irshad