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Mr. ALMA. Shameem
Director / OTS HETC Project
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Sri Lanka's future in the global knowledge economy of the twenty-first century depends critically on the country's intellectual and hum capital. To ascend to the level of a prosperous middle-income county, the country needs research and innovation capacity that could promote a dynamic economic development. The ability of people to think and act creatively, work industriously and productively and innovate and adapt available technologies to strengthen economic activities is cardinally important to achieve this objective.

In this context, Sri Lanka needs a Higher Education (HE) system that can produce skilled, hard-working and enterprising graduates.

The National Education Commission in consultation with the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), University Grants Commission (UGC) and the higher education community, prepared a Higher education Development Framework. The Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century (HETC) Project will support this framework by assisting the Sri Lankan HE sector in the implementation of a set of strategic and innovative initiatives.

The World Bank funded Higher Education for the Twenty First Century (HETC) Project of the Ministry of Higher Education is aimed at enhancing the capacity of the higher education system, institutions and human resources to deliver quality higher education services in line with equitable social and economic development needs, and is organized into the following 4 components.

Institutionalizing Norms for the Higher Education Sector.

Promoting Quality Teaching, Learning and Research.

Strengthening Alternative Higher Education.

Human Resource Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, Studies, Coordination and Communication.

The implementing agency is the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). The Policy Planning and Development Unit (PPDU) of the MoHE will coordinate all project activities between the MoHE, UGC and Universities. Each University will have an Operations Technical Secretariat (OTS) to implement and coordinate all project activities in the university.