Progress review

Half-yearly and yearly reviews of the progress of research will be held to monitor progress and to keep track of the student's estimated date of completion. Each candidate needs to submit a report on the progress of the research project (Annexure 12 format for progress report) every six months for the review by the Board of Study and the review comments on each progress report with their recommendations will be forwarded to the Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language/Faculty of Graduate Studies through an internal supervisor, Head of the Department and the Board of the Study. Students can use this as a self-evaluation form whereby the student reviews the stated objectives, success in attaining objectives, publications, conference attendance, etc. In addition, it allows the student and his/her supervisor the opportunity to identify achievable targets for the coming months. This is to be continued until the final thesis is submitted and examined.

The Board of Study after reviewing the progress of the candidate will forward the report with their recommendations to the Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language/Faculty of Graduate Studies.