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  • Mr. MAAM Faham

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    Level 1, Room No: 10
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Key Publications - Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • K. Komathiraj, A New Classes of Solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell Field Equations with Pressure Anisotropy, International Journal of Mathematical Modelling & Computations. Volume: 13, Issue: 02, Serial Number: 50, 2023.

  • K. Komathiraj, R. Sharma and S. Chanda, Effects of electric field and anisotropy on the mass-radius relationship of a particular class of compact stars, Astrophysics and Space Science. Volume: 367, Issue: 09, Article Number: 86, 2022.
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  • M.S.M. Hisam and M.A.A.M. Faham, Second order taylor polynomial approximation of triple integral, proceedings of the 9th annual science research sessions, Faculty of Applied Sciences, SEUSL, 2020.

  • K. Komathiraj, R. Sharma, S. Das, and S.D. Maharaj, Generalized Durgapal–Fuloria relativistic stellar models, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy. Volume: 40,Issue: 5, Article Number: 37, 2019.
  • M.S.M. Hisam and M.A.A.M. Faham, An approximation technique of definite integral using second order Taylor polynomial, 9th International Symposium (2019), South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
  • M.S.M. Hisam and M.A.A.M. Faham, Second degree Taylor polynomial approximation of surface integral, proceedings of the 8th annual science research sessions (2019), Faculty of Applied Sciences, SEUSL.


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