Objectives (Focal areas) of UBL Cell

The focal areas for the University Business Linkages are as follows.

  • Developing practice and business oriented student's projects
  • Organizing training and coaching activities for businesses
  • Implementing (technical) consulting services for businesses
  • Implementing an IP policy at universities
  • Promoting the creation of University Spin-offs
  • Promoting research cooperation between businesses and the university
  • Promoting strategic alliances with the private sector in order to develop the research infrastructures and capacities at universities
  • To build the capacity of entrepreneurs to be more effective
  • Increase awareness through seminars, training, workshops about the positivity impact of entrepreneurship on employment creation and economic empowerment
  • Provide cutting edge research services and international project management
  • Governmental support and working together on projects
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities for entrepreneurs to learns and exchange views