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The Director of Office of International Affairs (OIA) oversees the planning of SEUSL's international relations and executes the university's policies regarding external affairs, and works under the direction of Vice Chancellor by attending to a broad range of responsibilities and drafts new policies concerning international relations and thus plans the development of projects involving international affairs in the University.

The office is also responsible for handling the foreign affairs of faculties and departments throughout SEUSL. OIA facilitates general academic exchange, scholarships, training etc and provide informational services. The office also oversees foreign visits to the University; it invites foreign experts to the university, participates in student recruitment, receives foreign students, scholars, and visiting professors to the University, and oversees the living arrangements and studies of these students and academic visitors as well as the travel necessities of foreign dignitaries visiting SEUSL. In addition, OIA assists the travel of students, teaching and administrative staff going abroad on official university visits. Further responsibilities of the office include handling international conference requests, keeping contact information and relations with foreign universities, maintain proper documentation, prepare promotional materials, and attending to affairs identified by the Vice Chancellor.

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