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Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2024

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01. Introduction
Journal of Information Systems & Information Technology (JISIT) is one of the peer reviewed journals of the Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC), South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. The aim of the JISIT is to publish academically robust research papers, critical reviews and opinions on the organizational, social and management issues associated with significant information-based technologies.

The JISIT publishes scholarly research articles on, but not limited to: computer-mediated communication, data communications, decision support systems, e-learning, e-commerce, IT diffusion and adoption, knowledge management, network economics, outsourcing, software development methodologies, systems design and implementation, virtual teams, workflow and process management, collaborative work systems/ management, human factors, data mining, knowledge discovery, data warehouse, OLAP, ontologies, database architectures/applications, ethics in IS, architectures/infrastructures, agent/intelligent/knowledge-based systems, functional information systems, impacts of information systems, IT globalization, inter-organizational systems, virtual business, emerging information technologies, knowledge management, organizational learning, knowledge networks, management information systems, management of information resources, metrics/benchmarking, capabilities evaluation, research methods, IT valuation, information economics, etc.

02. Publication Frequency
The JISIT is an open access journal published biannually. There will be two issues for each volume in a year. 'No. I' covers the months from January to June and 'No. 2' covers the months from July to December. Efforts will be taken to deposit the digital version in the e-repository of the South Eastern University library so that the articles will become 'visible' to all who search online.

03. Editorial Policy
  1. Manuscripts of academically robust research papers, critical reviews and short communications in the fields of IS and IT are accepted for publication on the premise that they have never been published or under consideration for publication anywhere else.
  2. By submitting such articles for publication in the Journal, the author automatically declares that the work done is his or her own and original work.
  3. By virtue of the submission of such papers, critical reviews and short communications for publication the authors transfer the copyrights to the Editorial Board of JISIT.
  4. Articles submitted must be in adherence to Guidelines to Authors. The Editorial Board will not be held responsible for such things as style, etc. However, the board reserves the rights to edit the style and format the materials so that they conform to those of the journal.
  5. The authors are entirely responsible for the contents of such articles; the Editorial Board will not hold responsibilities for any shortcomings in the content of the article in the form of inaccurate data or statements, copyright infringements found the journal as well as the views expressed in the articles.
04. Guidelines to Authors
Authors are advised to prepare their manuscripts using the camera ready template available at Articles can contain maximum of 15 pages including references, appendices and author biography. The title of the article can have maximum of 20 words.

05. Review Process
All submitted manuscripts will be undergoing initial screening process to see the originality of the work as well as relevance and contribution. Those papers that seem most likely to meet our editorial criteria will be sent for formal blind review. Those papers judged by the editors to be of insufficient general interest or otherwise inappropriate will be rejected promptly without external review (although these decisions may be based on informal advice from specialists in the field). Typically blind review will be done by two reviewers, but sometimes more if special advice is needed. The editors then make a decision based on the reviewers' advice, from among several possibilities:

  1. Accept, with or without editorial revisions.
  2. Invite the authors to revise their manuscript to address specific concerns before a final decision is reached.
  3. Reject, but indicate to the authors that further work might justify a resubmission.
  4. Reject outright, typically on grounds of specialist interest, lack of novelty, insufficient conceptual advance or major technical and/or interpretational problems.
06. Publication Fee
The primary aim of the JISIT is to provide a platform for researchers to disseminate their findings globally. Therefore, articles are published in the JISIT free of charge.

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