About Faculty of Technology (FT)

Faculty of Technology of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) is proud to be one among the challenging universities and fully aware of the need and its potential for the task to establish a 'Faculty of Technology' under its purview. The Faculty comprises of two departments namely Department of Biosystems Technology (BST) and Department Information and communication Technology (ICT). Both units are functioning efficiently at the Mahapola Training Center, the building facilities previously managed by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority is currently been renovated and managed by the SEUSL for this purpose. These facilities are situated around 0.5km from the Main University Park at Oluvil.

The Faculty share recourses from the Main library is equipped with a state of the art library with digital facilities and basic laboratory facilities, and is in the process of acquiring more human and physical resources. In addition, the Faculty has acquired a 28 acres extend of agricultural land at Malwatha, Ampara has took up the task to develop into an ‘Agro Tech park’ with the generous funding from the Government of Sri Lanka as well as with the collaborations of leading private sectors. Thus ensures to provide the graduates hand full of training with the state of the art technologies and enhancing employable opportunities.

Though the faculty is temporarily situated at a separate site from the main university, it provides all facilities for students to involve in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and support from the relevant units i.e. Student Support Services & Welfare Centre, Career Guidance Unit, and Physical Education unit, play grounds, student and staff accommodation etc. of the main university