Faculty Mission


The noteworthy feature of the Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC) is that it was started with its academic work at the very beginning itself with four academic staff and thirty one students of whom nineteen for commerce and twelve for management stream with the objectives of offering degrees in Business Administration and Commerce. Additionally in view of the demands of the Graduate Services in the field of Marketing and Accounting & Finance, the faculty recognized the necessity of offering a special degree in Marketing and Accounting & Finance. As a result the special degree program in Marketing and Accountancy was started in 1999 and offered for final year students who were trained at Academic Program Centre (APC) in Colombo and were given professional training in their special field at private and public organizations. Later on this Faculty of Management and Commerce having come to understand the necessity of the specialization programme it changed its policy to admit the students for specialization programmes at the 2nd year itself and the same specialization programmes were offered in 2001.

The Faculty of Management and Commerce has two departments namely Department of Management and Department of Accountancy and Finance from its inception. The year 2002 marked a turning point in the history of the Faculty of Management and Commerce. It finalized a plan for restructuring, which had been working since 1995. The restructuring plan resulted in the formation of six academic units which function under the above two departments, offering six undergraduate degree programmes. These units are oriented as service units. A service unit is a unit which is identified with a specific functional area of business, whose staff members are solely from that specific area of expertise, and which offers courses solely from its own area of expertise for all the degree programs offered by the Faculty of Management and Commerce. All degrees are offered by the Faculty of Management and Commerce and each unit will serve the needs of all the degree programs by offering courses from its functional area. It is intended to convert these units into department in near future.

To ensure the quality of our graduates, Faculty of Management and Commerce has been maintaining linkage with the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayawardenapura on exchanging of the services of expertise frequently.

The Faculty of Management and Commerce is considered pioneer in implementing the latest University Educational Reforms in the country. The graduates of Faculty of Management and Commerce are highly able to face challenges in Sri Lanka locally as well as internationally.

Organizational Structure

The Faculty of Management & Commerce is organized under the Dean. The Dean's office coordinates all academic and administrative activities within the Faculty of Management & Commerce. There is a Head for each academic department that comes under the faculty. In addition, the faculty has seven units that come under thedepartments. In addition, ELTU (English Language Teaching Unit) and Computer Unit also serve the FMC. The Heads of the departments report to the Dean.