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The faculty offers general degree programmes of three academic year duration and special degree and extended degree programmes of four academic year duration. The academic programme is based on semester system. Generally, a semester consists of 15 weeks of academic activities.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction at FAS shall be English.

Course Unit System

The degree programmes are conducted on a Course Unit System where each course is assigned credit values, a time based quantitative measure. A Credit is equivalent to 15 hours of lecture component, 30 - 45 hours of practical component, or both lecture and practical components with appropriate proportion. The credit weight of a course unit may vary. standards through generation and dissemination of knowledge and innovations focused on regional and national needs, social harmony and stakeholders’ empowerment and satisfaction".

Course Notation

The course units are denoted by an alphanumeric code. The code consists of 05 numerals prefixed by 03 letters. The first 02 letters refer the subject area of the course unit and the 3rd letter indicates type of course unit whether it is a main course for the general degree (M), a main course for the special degree (S), an elective course (E), a compulsory course (C) or an auxiliary course (A). The first numeral denotes the level, the second numeral denotes the semester, the third and fourth numerals indicate the number assigned to the course unit by the department of study and the fifth numeral indicates the credit value of the course unit referred. The notation used for subjects are given below.

  • AS - Applied Statistics
  • BL - Biology
  • CH - Chemistry
  • CS - Computer Science
  • ES - Earth Science
  • MT - Mathematics I / Mathematics II
  • PH - Physics
  • Note: For special degree courses, the first two digits of the course code may change regardless of the definition mentioned above.


The faculty offers the following undergraduate degree programmes:

Details of Courses Offered And Possible Course Combinations Students Could Follow

The faculty offers the core science subjects i.e. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics I & II and the applied science subjects of Computer Science, Applied Statistics and Earth Science at all three levels. In addition, Compulsory, Auxiliary and Elective Courses are also offered. The subjects and courses of different categories for the above mentioned degree programmes are given in tables and the conditions for selection of courses underneath for each level are given below.