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  • All students who are admitted to the university are required to register themselves before commencing their course of studies each academic year.
  • Students are requested to submit duly completed registration form together with all documents requested to the Academic and Examination branch of the university on or before the date specified.
  • Students who are admitted to the faculty, requested to select courses available in the departments and register the selected courses for every semester of every year.
  • Students are advised to select the subject combination of their choices carefully before registration.
  • Duly filled subject registration form should be submitted at the office of the Dean with the signature of relevant subject teachers and Heads.
  • On completion of registration, the University will issue every student a Student’s Record Book and an Identity Card bearing his / her photograph duly embossed with the seal of the University..
  • Every student shall carry his / her record book or identity card whilst in the University premises, and shall produce such record book or identity card when called upon to do so by any member of the academic, administrative or security staff of the University.
  • All Students who continue their course of studies during their second and subsequent years are required to renew their registration at the commencement of each academic year on or before the date notified.
  • Forms for renewal of registration are made available at Academic and Examination branch or the Office of the Dean.
  • The form for renewal duly completed together with Paying in Voucher bearing the bank seal as proof for the payment for renewal of fees prescribed by the University should be submitted to the office of the Dean on or before the closing date specified.
Details of fee are given below and the payments should be credited to the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Account No. 228-100190001704, People's Bank, Addalaichenai through any branch of the People's Bank.
Payments for Initial Registration for All Students
Registration Fees: 110.00
Annual Medical Fees: 50.00
Library Deposit: 100.00
Handbook: 25.00
Those seeking Hostel Accommodation
Hostel Fees (per year): 900.00
Payments for Renewal of Registration for All Students
Renewal fees: 110.00
Medical fees: 50.00
Identity card: 100.00
Fees for repeat courses (per course): 25.00
Loss of Identity card: 300.00
Loss of Record Book: 300.00

The ELTU is operating at the main campus and a staff has been assigned to look after the need of the FAS. The particular staff is organizing the English classes during the intensive programme with the help of visiting instructors from out of the university. In addition the staff will be conducting the English classes during the first and second year of the academic programme.
South Eastern University Library was established on 23rd October 1995, along with the establishment of the South Eastern University College. The main library is located at Oluvil and serves for Faculty of Arts & Culture, Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic Languages and Faculty of Management & Commerce. The Science Library is a branch of the main library located at FAS, Sammanthurai which is 20 Km away from the main library at Oluvil. The Science Library delivers customer focused quality information products, services and programmes based on the needs of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The collections and services of the library are designed to match the needs that range from basic support of the curricula to the advanced research requirements of library patrons.

Collection of Science library is approximately 16,000 books 16 Current academic journals. Catalogues of the library is computerized. Library is using KOHA –open source software for automation. The collection of Science Library is now available online. Collection has been organized as Lending Section, Scheduled Reference Section, Reference Section, Periodical Section, Sri Lanka Collection, Digital Knowledge Centre and Institutional Repositories (IR). IR collection includes Faculty Publications, publications of the faculty members and students and materials related to the University.

In addition Digital Knowledge Centre provides multi-media information services to the users. It contains audio, Video Cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Users can also have access to electronic resources available in this section. Though, the library is located in a temporary building which provides Conducive learning environment for reading and research works. The Cultural Museum is an integral part of the Library, established in 1997 and presently at the main campus. This Museum foster cultural awareness and cross cultural understanding among the different communities of Sri Lanka.
The Student Support Service and Welfare System (SSS&WS) is a central entity, which located at the main campus to which the students and others could bring their grievances and issues and seek solutions and reliefs. Similarly, it oversees the coordination and cohesion among several service divisions and units to ensure smooth functioning of the system, to remedy shortcomings and deficiencies, and to extend assistance for the students in need.

SSS&WS encompasses six broader areas, namely Student services, Student accommodation and cafeteria services, Common amenities and services such as recreational and sports facilities, curative and preventive health care services and facilities for social, cultural, creative and aesthetic pursuits, Student welfare, grievance redress and counseling system that will coordinate with university authorities and faculty level student counseling system, Career Guidance Services, and Marshal and Security services.

Further, SSS&WS will entertain any complaints/problems/grievances from students as regard to food and lodging and financial, education and health matters etc., and provides assistance to needy students in liaison with relevant divisions / units.

Student Councellors of the FAS-2022

  • Dr. TBNS Madugalle (Senior Student Counsellor)
  • Dr. V Sujarajini
  • Dr. MAC Akmal Jahan
  • Dr. T jaseetharan
  • Mrs. Y Raviraj
  • Mr. SVTD Raveendrasinhe
The students have facilities in the campus such as Library, Computer unit, Health Centre, student’s common room, Places of worship, Multi shop, Sporting facilities, Canteen, Students’ Unions, Societies, Hostels, Shroff’s Office etc. Officers can be met by prior appointment.
As part of educational reform proposals, Career Guidance has been identified as a priority since 1998; practically every university has started some activities in this regard. Career Guidance Unit at main campus conducts career related programmes in the following focal areas: counseling and advising on careers, employability skills enhancement, career-related information provision, networking with the industries, availing work experience, graduate placement, entrepreneurship skills development and conducting seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, industry days, career fairs, out bound training, etc.