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Machine Learning

Practical applications using supervised learning, unsupervised learning and deep learnning based projects are carried out in this domain. Some ongoing students projects are:

  • Decision-tree based automated prediction of infant low birth weight.
  • HOG and Dimensional Feature based vehicle classification for parking slot allocation.
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Image Processing and Computer Vision

This domain focuses on research problems in the areas of

  • Biometric recognition
  • Disease detection & prediction using biomedical images
  • Object detection
  • Document image analysis (Optical character recognition)

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Natural Language Processing

Some recent projects in this domain are:

  • Automated text summarisation of e-repositories from digital library
  • Hate speech detection in social networks
  • Depression detection in social network posts
  • Sentiment analysis
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Data Science

Some recent projects are:

  • The effect of evolutionary algorithm in gene subset selection for cancer classification
  • Disease prediction using microbiome data
  • Phishing email detection in e-Banking using data mining techniques
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