To accommodate the changing needs of students and society and to provide the students flexibility in the choice of courses, the University has adopted the Course Unit System for various programs of study within each Faculty. This system will be expanded further to provide greater flexibility and choice to the students.

While introducing new subjects according to demands and needs of the region and the country, SEUSL is planning to establish new Faculties for studies in Islamic Studies, Agriculture, Aquatic Resources, Medicine and Law. The University plays a meaningful role to diversify economic and social activities and achieve greater productivity. SEUSL also hopes to establish independent Institutes, School or Centers within the University to promote studies and research for special needs of our society in relevant areas such as Appropriate Technology, Peace Studies, Marine Studies, Advanced Islamic Studies etc.

Among our top priority for the future is the establishment of an Information Technology Centre (ITC) conceived as the electronic hub of the University, bringing together computing and multi-media services to provide interactive higher education; harnessing the latest technologies to make learning more adaptable, flexible and widely available and linking SEUSL to the wider global community. The objectives of the ITC will include:

To provide opportunities to our students to learn basic computer skills and acquire adequate proficiency to use the computers as tools for working with large quantities of information. To provide packages to promote computer-aided-learning in all subjects and in particular, for acquiring high proficiency in English Language, which is vital for their progress and marketability of their skills.

To provide opportunities to our students to study and work in a multicultural environment, offering the necessary exposure to an international setting and atmosphere of unlimited resources at their disposal.

In order to develop our own resources and capabilities, enhance our strengths and consolidate our position to achieve excellence, SEUSL will establish link programs with other universities both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Organizational structure

AThe Faculty of Arts & Culture is organized under the Dean. The Dean's office coordinates all academic and administrative activities within the Faculty of Arts & Culture. There is a Head for each academic department that comes under the faculty. In addition, ELTU (English Language Teaching Unit) and Computer Unit also serve the FAC. The Heads of the departments report to the Dean.