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What is a Patent?
What is an invention?
What can be patented?
How a patent is granted?

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TISC Objectives

  • Promote creativity among university academics, undergraduates and local inventers
  • Stimulate innovation within the university community and local inventers and contribute to the economic growth of the country by facilitating access to technological information and assisting effective exploitation of the technological information.
  • Increase awareness of all aspects of intellectual property rights among university community and local inventers
  • Provide necessary assistance to researchers to find technological information in order to develop innovative ideas by providing online access to patent and non-patent information through intended TISC network to be established in Sri Lanka
  • Optimize the environment and incentives for the creation of new knowledge
  • Increase the number of patent applications by the university staff, students and local inventers
  • Mobilize university graduates and local inventers with innovation potential for entrepreneurial careers, enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, and providing support for business start-up