Director/ Staff Development Centre (Chairman)

Prof. A. Jahfer

Professor in Commerce in Commerce
Dept. of Accountancy and Finance

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Culture

Prof. (Dr.). MM. Fazil

Senior Lecturer in Political Science
Dept. of Political Science

Dean, Faculty of Management & Commerce

Dr.(Mrs.) S. Safeena M.G.H

Senior Lecturer in Management
Dept. of Management

Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language

Dr. SMM. Mazahir

Senior Lecturer in Islamic Culture
Dept. of Islamic Studies

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Dr. SM. Junaideen

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Dept. of Civil Engineering

Dean, Faculty of Technology

Dr. U.L. Abdul Majeed

Senior Lecturer in BST
Dept. of Biosystems Technology


Faculty Nominee ( Faculty of Applied Sciences)

Mr. MAAM. Faham

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences


Head / DMIT

Prof. S. Sabraz Nawaz

Professor in MIT
Dept. of Management and IT

Head/ DELT (Department of English Language Teaching)

Dr. AMM. Navaz

Senior Lecturer in English
Dept. of English Language Teaching

Director/ CEDPL (Centre for External Degrees & Professional Learning)

Prof. M.H. Thowfeek

Professor of MIT (Cadre Chair)
Dept. of Management and IT

Director/ CGU (Career Guidance Unit)

Dr. M.B.M. Amjath

Senior Lecturer in Accountancy
Dept. of Accountancy and Finance

Programme Manager/ Staff Development Centre (Secretary)

Mr. MT. Ahamed Azhar

Senior Assistant Registrar

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