Options Available in the Program

  1. Those who registered for PGDM, after successfully completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Management shall continue for MBA degree program, if they wish under the following conditions:
    1. The candidate has to surrender the certificate for Postgraduate Diploma in Management.
    2. The candidate has to register for MBA.
    3. The candidate has to take all the courses offered at 1st and 2nd semester of the second year and attend the seminars, workshops.
    4. In order to fulfill the requirements for MBA degree program, they shall submit the Thesis.
    5. The student shall pay the fees as specified by the University to proceed for MBA degree program.
  2. Likewise, those who registered for MBA shall have the option to exit with the PGDM after successfully completing the one year program.
  3. Credit Transfer and Exemption Policy:
  4. Following conditions are needed to be satisfied for credit transfer and exemption.

    1. Principally the maximum credits for work done before joining the SEUSL will be considered only up to 50% of the courses of each semester (except for Research Methodology) of the postgraduate program to which the application is being made.
    2. The course work being sought for credit transfer should have been completed at a recognized higher educational institution (recognized by the UGC) at a postgraduate level. As such a lower level degree course is non transferable to higher level degree program (eg. such as a course done at Undergraduate level is not transferable to Master degree program).
    3. Any application for exemption should be submitted within five years time period from the completion of course for which exemption is sought.
      • The applications for the credit transfer need to be submitted by the student on supported by the following documents.
        • The course outline of the course that was completed in an University/Institution and which is being nominated for credit transfer.
        • The course contact hours and credit weight along with the relevant grades.
      • Conditions for Course and grade Transfer
        • If the course content is similar to the course content at SEUSL to the extent of a minimum of 75%, the course credit will be considered for transfer. And A minimum of 60% marks are required for a course to be considered for transfer.
      • The grade transfer will only be for the purposes of determining the clear standing of the student in the course but will not be a part of the GPA calculation. The credit of the transferred courses will be awarded to the student but it will not affect the GPA earned by the student at the SEUSL. As such Grades from other institutions are not included in the calculation of SEUSL grade point average.
      • All prospective transfer students must complete SEUSL MBA entry requirements.
      • Any applications other than specified above will be reviewed individually by the board of study of the postgraduate program, faculty board and the senate of the SEUSL.

Acceptability of transfer credits to a student's academic curriculum are determined by the board of study, faculty board and the senate and the decision of the senate in accepting or rejecting a case of course exemption will be final. Credit Transfer cases will not be entertained after a student has started the program of study. However, the students considered for exemption has to pay total course fee of the postgraduate program prescribed from time to time.

Exemption fee as prescribed from time to time has to be paid by the student.

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