It is indeed with great pleasure that I forward this message and welcome to a recognized MBA degree program offered by the Faculty of Management and Commerce (FMC) of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL)

The faculty of Management and Commerce of South Eastern University has been rendering their services not only to young graduates but also to the professionals and Executives from various career capacities in enhancing their educational background. MBA degree Program of the faculty was commenced in 2010 and it will take its fifth intake in January 2015. The program is structured to allow you to continue working in employment while studying MBA, connecting your learning to current global, international and organizational issues. Ideally suited to you if you are unable to take significant time out of the workplace to study and it is very convenient and flexible. As the management is very keen on timely completion of program our postgraduates program have been very successful with four previous batches and reached to the end as scheduled and the program were run very smoothly free from any interruption.

The MBA has an innovative two year program that combines the practice and theory of management in a package giving graduates sufficient skills and experience to apply what they have learned in the program when faced with the responsibility of managing people and organizations. This degree gives you an opportunity to create a platform to exchange ideas and obtain current information of various subjects in the field of management. This will really benefitted to manage today's competitive business environment with curricula adapted to the needs of the changing and challenging environment. The research work is an integral part of the Masters programs and is closely supervised by faculty members. Students are provided with individual assistance on their dissertations. Students are encouraged to complete an industry based dissertation that is directly or indirectly relevant to their work. And it's really inspired to pursue to further research on regional development context.

The main values of SEUSL MBA are excellence, teamwork, dedication, practical relevance and commitment to innovation. We would like our students to share these values and see themselves as our partners in a constantly developing world-class management faculty. Intellectual capital is the biggest asset of FMC of SEUSL. FMC has an excellent panel of lecturers who many obtained doctoral qualifications offer a stimulating and challenging learning experience. It is further strengthened by the visiting faculty consisting of academia and industry.

In line with its mission of transforming professionals into industry leaders, our MBA students were given a unique learning experience and opportunity to attend a foreign residential workshop. Participants have been given the opportunity to meet business industry leaders and share best practices. Our students have been fortunate enough to listen to very good resource personnel who provided some important and mind triggering information. SEUSL MBA program provide personal development opportunities to support individuals' development of management capability and capacity to work in and lead teams in different situations.

Faculty of Management and Commerce provides an Excellent Student supportive study environment such as computer laboratory and the library and facilities for Student-Centered learning environment. Furthermore, students will have access to a range of University services including access to online research databases.

Our commitment to our students starts with their enrollment but does not end with their graduation. As our graduate, you will always enjoy the professional and personal support of the growing SEUSL MBA family as its alumni. With a growing alumni network and with special events, you will maintain contacts with fellow alumni and faculty members. Our current students and faculty, invite you to join the leaders of tomorrow by enrolling in SEUSL MBA program today. As the coordinator of the MBA Program, I look forward to having you as part of our family.

Dr. MIM. Hilal
Postgraduate Unit
Faculty of Management and Commerce

Office Hours :

10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Postgraduate Unit

Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka.


  • Dr. A. Jahfer

    Senior Lecturer Gr.I, Department of Accountancy & Finance
    (Ph.D. in Business Administration, M.Sc. in Management, B.Com. (Hons) )

    +94 67 2255392
    +94 67 2255392

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