At the outset, it was an incidental occasion which paved the way for the collection of items for the National Meelad-un-Nabi Celebration. The Ministry of Cultural and Religious Affairs through the Department of Muslim Religious & Cultural Affairs decided to hold the National Meelad-un-Nabi Celebration in Addalaichenai from 17-19 July 1997. At that time Late Honourable M.H.M. Ashroff P.C; Leader of the SLMC advised the founder Vice Chancellor Prof. M.L.A. Cader to organize a Cultural Museum to adorn the National Meelad-un-Nabi function.

The founder Vice-chancellor with the help of the SEUSL Library, staff of the SEUSL and the public started collecting artefacts and manuscripts to signify the monumental heritage of Sri Lankans.

The items which were collected were exhibited at the Addalaichenai Government Teachers' College compound and the exhibition was ceremonially declared open by late Honourable M.H.M. Ashroff P.C on 17th July 1997. It attracted the public and became popular among the people of this region and created the feeling of establishing a permanent cultural museum. This collection of artefacts are now redesigned and housed in the Ashroff Memorial Library.

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