Initial Submission and the Review process

  • The manuscripts must be submitted by directly emailing to Chief Editor (
  • According to the journal policy, the research articles must be submitted by the corresponding author.
  • All manuscripts are assigned to the Chief Editor, who is responsible for the peer review process and for deciding whether the manuscript should be accepted, returned for revision or rejected.
  • The corresponding author will receive all decisions, including an initial acknowledgment and the decision, by email.


  • Revised manuscripts should be resubmitted within 20 days of the decision email.
  • Authors will receive a reminder if this does not happen.
  • If the revised version of a manuscript is not submitted within 30 days of the decision email, the manuscript will be withdrawn from the journal, unless the editor agrees to extend the deadline.


The resubmitting manuscripts must satisfy the following conditions, regardless of any changes in authorship and research materials:

  • All resubmissions must be convoyed by a cover letter which containing complete details of the previous version.
  • The manuscript ID of the earlier submission must be provided.
  • A file must be submitted which contains the authors' responses to any previous editorial reports and a summary of the changes that have been made.

Please contact the editor if your resubmission is likely to take longer time this.


  • The Chief Editor will inform the corresponding author of final acceptance by email.
  • Then, the proof, with corrected typographical errors, should be returned preferably as an PDF within 48 hours.
  • In the case of the corresponding author likely to be absent during this time, the email address of a co-author must be provided who can assume responsibility for the manuscript.
  • Any significant changes and notes added in proof require approval of the Executive Editor responsible for the paper.
  • In overall, corrections to figures are not permitted at this stage. The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors agree with any corrections made.