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- Equality before the Law
- Defending the Weaker Party

The South Eastern University Executive Officers' Association was established in later part of the year 1996 with all the members of administrative staff of the university and is a one of the union of the South eastern University of Sri Lanka. It is the prime union for administrative staff of this University subjects to consultation of mother union of the Executive Officers' Association of the Universities in the country.

Many office bearers appointed to form the executive committee of the association and to look after trade union action and welfare facilities of the members of the union.

The objectives of formation of the associations are:

  • Coordinating the trade union activities of all permanent Executive Officers of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
  • To pay attention to the interest, rights and privilege of the members and safeguard them providing necessary assistance.
  • Ameliorate the economic conditions of the members.
  • Attempt to provide the members the following benefits.
    • Seeking relief and other aid for the victims who affected by employment disputes.
    • Providing legal aid/ advice, if necessity arisen, in connection with their employment.
    • Making representation on behalf of the members on labour disputes.
  • Providing assistance to regulate the relationship between the union and other trade unions who bear the objects similar to this union, Employees and their employers and the members and among the members of the union.
  • Improve the social and communal relationship among the members and enhance the cultural and religious activities.
  • Conducting discussions on trade union activities.
  • Implement a scheme to provide financial assistance as described by the executive committee to the members.
  • Will, if necessity arisen, be affiliated to or with trade union or union of this University or any other Universities.
  • Improve the welfare activates of the members.
  • Promote the development of Executive Officer’s skills and leadership.
  • Improve opportunities for the professional and personal development of Executive Officers.
  • Promote continuous improvement and development of South Eastern University administration.
  • Uphold the value of professional management in South Eastern University administration.
  • Ensure that the collective views and opinions of Executive Officers are canvassed and heard nationally on matters of professional significance.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among Executive Officers and other interested persons.
  • Encourage co-operation and fellowship among Executive Officers.
  • Collaborate with other unions/ associations having similar aims and objectives.
  • Foster liaison and support between regions of the association.
  • Promote a sense of common cause amongst all administrative and support staff.