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Health Center services and facilities

The following Facilities are provided by the Health Centre, OPD Channelling, wound care, Intravenous injections & infusion, Nebulisation, Suture removal, measuring vital signs & RBS. Some special services also provided by the Health Centre.

Also, Warding facilities are available at the health centre from 08.15 am to 8.00 pm. Similarly, it Conducting Special Health programmes such as, arrange Health Education program, blood donation Program, screening Programs. Likewise, Immunization against Clostridium tetani is carried out at centre on the prevention side. The medical officer as well provides a medical certificate with those who got treatment form health centre and recommends private medical certificates.

Ambulance Services

There is an ambulance service for the transportation of patients. This service is available in taking critically ill students to the hospital in working hours. In instances where the medical centre is closed this service is available for the students who are ill.

Mosquito Control and Food Safety Unit

Under the Health Centre, there is a special unit called Mosquito control and food safety unit. This unit consists Public Health Inspector (PHI) who daily inspects the Following aspects: Identity mosquito breeding places eradicate mosquitoes by fogging if necessary, Daily inspection of food sanitation and food safety in all university canteens and Regular inspection to all hostels and university surroundings to find any health-related issues.

Drug Eliminating Unit

University is often the first time many students have lived away from home, and consequently, the first time they are navigating real independence. This sense of freedom often leads to new experiences, and for some, this includes experimenting with drugs. It is important that the university identify students who are addicted to drugs and safely remove the drugs from their possession. At the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, this special unit helps to eliminate the source completely and to reduce the accessibility of drugs for other students.

The Health Centre of SEUSL comprises essential infrastructure requirements such as Admission and Record room, waiting for the hall, Channelling & Examination room, Pharmacy, Dressing room, Nebulisation and injection room, Male ward, Female ward, Food safety & Mosquito control unit, Separate toilets for male & female and Disable toilet.

Guidelines for obtaining medical facilities

The following are the important points for students to be followed in obtaining medical facilities.

  • All students who enter the university should submit a medical history sheet to the Health Centre within two weeks from receiving the registration number.

  • Students who require an appointment to meet the Medical Officer will be required to get registered at the reception desk of the Health Centre.

  • Facilities have been provided through the medical Centre to obtain psychological counseling and treatment for students.

Instructions for students who are not attending lectures for a long time on medical grounds.

  • The student who is not attending lectures for a long time should obtain a medical certificate from the Medical Officer. Students who are not in a position to meet the Medical Officer due illness, should submit a medical certificate from the nearest Government Hospital and submit within a month. Students who are receiving treatment from private medical practitioners and Ayurveda practitioners should meet the University Medical Officer to get their medical certificate approved within two weeks.

  • A medical certificate, issued by an ayurvedic practitioner must be approved from the Ayurvedic Medical Council prior to submission. Ayurveda medical certificates obtained from Government Ayurvedic Hospital do not need to get approved from Ayurvedic Medical Council.

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