Canteens & Hela Bojun

There are 14 canteens and cafetarias operated at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka to provide meals to students and staff. All canteens serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Further, there is a canteen in each hostel. Food committee is appointed to check the food quantity and quality in each canteen. In addition, a full time Public Health Inspector has been appointed to monitor the health issues of the university canteens and the hygiene of the meals, he is instructed to visit all canteens regularly and report to the Student Welfare Division accordingly.

In addition, there is a common canteen called “Hela Bojun” which is operated and maintained by the Department of Agriculture. With Hela Bojun, the agricultural department seeks to fight the growing tendency of malnutrition, artificial ingredients and globalized eating habits, going towards a more sustainable, locally grown, chemical-free and traditionally served meals with healthy and only vegetarian ingredients.

Food suppliers (outside)

University has made arrangement additional food service facilities to students and staff from outside suppliers. Registered food suppliers nearby hotels and restaurants are allowed to sell their foods at the university with the recommendation of the Public Health Inspectors. Suppliers are allowed to use their own vehicles to sell the foods. In addition, they are allowed to supply foods to the student’s hostels.

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