UBL CellUniversity Business Linkages (UBL) Cell
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

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Benefits of University - Industry Collaboration

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University Business Linkages (UBL) Cell

Collaboration between academia and industry is increasingly a critical component of efficient national innovation systems. It is useful to examine the experience of developed countries to better understand the different types of university-industry collaboration, motivations to form these agreements and barriers to cooperation, as well as the role of public policy in fostering such linkages.


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Promote the growth of local enterprise (local economic development), by fostering linkages between University, Corporate Companies and Public sector. Facilitate compliance for business in respect codes of good practice. Establish a business linkage centre that will be sustainable and offer continued service to the business community. Develop an extensive data base for local, national and international applications.


Dr. M.N. Ajmal Hinas

University Business Linkage Cell
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Oluvil # 32360
Sri Lanka
Tp : +94 67 205 2825
E-mail : ajmalhinas@seu.ac.lk | ubl@seu.ac.lk