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Dr. J. Ajith Thamboo

Senior Lecturer Gr.II in Civil Engineering
Dept. of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Dr. J. Ajith Thamboo
Designation Senior Lecturer Gr.II in Civil Engineering
Department / Unit Dept. of Civil Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Engineering
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  • PhD at Queensland University of Technology
  • B.Sc. Eng (First Class Honours) University of Peradeniya
  • AMIE(SL)
  • Construction materials
  • Structural Analysis
  • Design of Structures
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Masonry structures
  • Concrete technology
  • Numerical modelling of structures
  • innovative construction materials
  • Thamboo, J.A& Dhanasekar, M (2015) Characterisation of thin layer polymer cement mortared concrete masonry bond. Construction and Building Materials, 82, pp. 71-80.
  • Thamboo, J.A., Dhanasekar M and Cheng. Y (2013). "Flexural and Shear Bond Characteristics of Thin Bed concrete Masonry." Construction & Building Materials. 46, 104-113.
  • Thamboo, J.A.,Dhanasekar M and Cheng. Y (2013). "Effects Of Joint Thickness Adhesion and web shells to the Face Shell Bedded Concrete Masonry Loaded in Compression." Australian Journal of Structural Engineering.14(3).
  • Dhanasekar, M, Thamboo, J.A, Nazir, S., Nardone, A and McGoldrick, T,(2013) "State-of-the-art of the Australian Thin Bed Concrete Structural Masonry" 16-18 Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Thamboo, J.A,& Dhanasekar, M. (2013) Age Effect On Bond Strength Of Thin Bed Concrete Masonry With Polymer Cement Mortar. 12th Canadian Masonry symposium, 2-5 June 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Thamboo, J.A, Dhanasekar, M. & Yan, C. (2012) Characterisation of Flexural Bond Strength in Thin Bed Concrete Masonry. 15th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference, 1-4 June 2012, Florianopolis, Brazil.
  • Thamboo, J.A, Dhanasekar, M. & Yan, C. (2011) Thin Bed Masonry System: Review and Future Prospects. International Conference on Structural Engineering, Construction and Management, 15-17 December 2011, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • J.A.S.C Jayasinhge, J.A. Thamboo& P.B.R Dissanayake(2010) Assessment and Reduction of Disaster Vulnerability in Domestic Structures in Sri LankaInternational Disaster and Risk Conference (ICDC).Geneva, Switzerland.
  • S. Pretheepan, J.A. Thamboo, V. Vijayakanth and A.P.N. Somaratna (2010) Development of Finite Element Procedure for the 2-D Simulation of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete”. Peradeniya university Research session. Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award, Executive Dean's Commendation Award, in year 2014 at Queensland University of Technology
  • Outstanding Higher degree research student award in May 2013 at Queensland university of Technology.
  • Write-up scholarship award at Queensland University of Technology 2014
  • Australian Postgraduate Award - Industry (APAI) funded by Australian Research council (2010-2014).
Associate Member (Mem no: A/M 11359)- The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka
Faculty Exam coordinator for FE, SEUSL (2014-present)

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