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The Student Support Services and Welfare System encompasses 06 broader areas that

1. Student Service: i.e. student registration and certification, distribution and disbursement of scholarships, assistantships, prizes, bursaries and registration of student societies and councils and provision of assistance to student social, and cultural activities.

2. Student accommodation and cafeteria services

3. Common amenities and services such as recreational and sports facilities, curative and preventive health care services and facilities and facilities for social, cultural, creative and aesthetic pursuits. E.g. Student centre with cafeteria, bookshop, communication centre, barber saloon, tailor shop, post office grocery shop etc., indoor and open air theatres, gymnasium and play grounds, creational parks, etc.

4. Student welfare, grievance redress and counseling system that will coordinate with university authorities and faculty level student counseling system.

5. Career guidance services

6. Marshal and Security services

The Principal features of Student Support Services and Welfare System are as follows:

a. Student Support Services and Welfare System is headed by a senior academic, designated as Director of Student Support Services and Welfare (D/SSS&W) with well-defined Terms of Reference to liaise with divisions, units and functional system namely,

  1. Student welfare Services
  2. Student Registration & Examination Division
  3. Service Divisions (i.e. Health Centre, Physical Education Division, Maintenance Division, Security Division and Marshal Unit)
  4. Student Counseling System
  5. Career Guidance Unit & Student Counseling System

The Director/ Student Support Services & Welfare besides carrying out his defined functions shall function as a facilitator to ensure liaison and cohesion among Student Supports Services divisions and units which shall continue to function under the heads of the respective divisions and units.

b. Advisory Board, called Student Support Services and Welfare Advisory Board under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor shall guide, advice and monitor the activities undertaken by all the relevant divisions, units and functional system.

c. The Office of the Director of Student Support Services and Welfare established within the central administrative building/complex to ensure closer liaison with the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Staff & Student welfare Services, Student Registration Division, General Services or Administration Division, Career Guidance Unit, Marshal Unit and Security Division. The Office provided with required facilities including communication and computer facilities and human resources (i.e. Staff Assistant or Clerk/Computer Application Assistant and a peon).

Terms of References of the Director/ Student Support Services and Welfare

i. Create awareness about University Student Charter and promote students to comply with norms, rules and regulations - design and implement awareness programs and activities to improve students conduct and behavior and their compliance with University norms, rules and regulations.

ii. Entertain any complains /problems/grievances from students as regard to food and lodging and financial, educational and health matters and provide assistance to needy students in liaison with relevant divisions/units.

iii. Guide and supervise allocation of hostel accommodation.

iv. Assist the wardens and sub-wardens in hall management and optimize the utilization of hostel accommodation and other facilities by ensuring high standards of student accommodation & cafeteria services.

v. Coordinate student counseling services through the faculty level student counselors and professional counseling Unit. It can be opened within the Office of The Director or Career Guidance Unit.

vi. Facilitate management of centers /divisions and common amenities - such as play grounds, gymnasium, student center, open air theatre, health center, etc.

vii. Facilitate planning and implementation of social, cultural, literary and sports programmes in liaison with relevant division/councils/societies (eg. Physical Education Division, Arts Council/Circle, Music Society, Dramatic Society, values, taste, and creativity, social interaction, and greater harmony and cohesion among student and staff communities.

viii. Collect, collate and disseminate all relevant information to students

ix. Liaise among stakeholders - students, academic staff, administrative and support staff and public5

x. Promote interaction among students, staff and community and thereby promote greater harmony and cohesion within and between university and community.

xi. Liaise and coordinate university and faculty level activities relating to holding public awareness programmes and exhibitions at regional and national level.

Advisory Committee of Student Support Services and Welfare

i. Vice Chancellor (Chairman)

ii. Deans of Faculties

iii. Director/ Student Support Services and Welfare

iv. Registrar

v. Bursar

i. Librarian

ii. Assistant Registrar/ Senior Assistant Registrar/ Deputy Registrar/ Student Welfare Services (Secretary)

iii. Assistant Registrar/ Senior Assistant Registrar/ Deputy Registrar/ Student Registration

iv. Wardens (two nominated by the Vice Chancellor)

v. Chairman/ Senior Student Counselors

vi. Director/ Career Guidance Unit

vii. Proctor

viii. Chief Marshal

ix. Chief Security officer

x. University Medical Officer

xi. Maintenance Engineer

xii. Curator

Terms of Reference of the Student Support Services and Welfare Advisory Committee

01. Initiate activities to implement University Student Charter and thereby students compliance with university norms and rules and regulations

02. Discuss on issues relating to student support services and Welfare

03. Review, monitor and evaluate progress of activities carried out by support service units

04. Initiate activities to enhance students welfare, cultural renaissance, craving for art, drama, music and leisure, creative talents, recreational pursuits, and social and ethnic cohesion and harmony

05. Promote activities enhance greater interaction with public and the community around the university

06. Initiate activities to promote greater cohesion and harmony among students, academic staff and administrative and support staff