Conference Team

Ash Sheik MHA. Munas

Conference Chair

Dr. FHA. Shibly


Mr. S. Issath Nimsith


Dr. MRF. Afra


Conference Chair Ash Sheik MHA. Munas, Dean/ FIA
Coordinator Dr. FHA. Shibly
Secretary Mr. S. Issath Nimsith
Assistant Secretary Ms. MI. Nasrin
Treasurer Dr. MRF. Afra
Publication Chair Prof. Dr. SMM. Mazahir

Conference organizing committee

Editorial board

Editor in Chief Dr. FHA. Shibly
Co- Editors Ash Sheik MHA. Munas
Mr. S. Issath Nimsith
Ms. MI. Nasrin

Steering Committee:

Ash Sheik MHA. Munas
Ms. MCS. Shathifa
Dr. RA. Sarjoon
Prof. SMM. Mazahir
Dr. MIM. Jazeel
Dr. AM. Razick
Mr. MHM. Nairoos
Dr. ARA. Nasar
Dr. SMM. Nafees
Mr. HMA. Hilmy
Ms. MYM. Suheera
Mr. SLM. Sajeer | SAL

Editors (Track Coordinators):

Islamic Thoughts and Civilization Mr. M.H.M. Nairoos
Islamic Banking and Finance Mr. H.M.A. Hilmy
Islamic Law and Legislation Dr. S.M.M. Nafees
Arabic Language and Literature Dr. ARA. Nasar
Linguistic and Translation Ms. ARFS. Farween
Humanities and Social Sciences Ms. MYM. Suheera
Management Mr. MSAR. Rooly

Conference Promotion (International/ Local):

Dr. AH. Rifas
Mr. MT. Habeebullah



Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka


+94 77 230 1539