Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to;

Track: Pure and Applied Sciences

Sub Tracks:

Agricultural Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Earth Science
Computer Science & IT

Track: Religious and Cultural Studies

Sub Tracks:

Arabic language
Arabic literature
Arabic linguistic
Arabic translation
Teaching Arabic as a second language
Islamic banking
Islamic finance
Sukuk Islamic Capital
Islamic thought/philosophy
Quranic studies
Hadith studies
Islamic history
Islamic education
Islamic Counselling
Islam/Muslims in Sri Lanka
Muslim Personal law
Islamic law
Muslim minorities
Inter-faith/ inter-cultural Dialog
Comparative religions

Track: Library and Information Science

Sub Tracks:

Information System and Services
Information Management and Sustainability of LIS
Information Literacy and Lifelong learning
Knowledge Management practices, issues and challenges
Copyright and Intellectual property
New trends and developments in Access to Information
E-Publishing and Digital Libraries
E-Resources and Information services for student centered Learning
Library outreach, Marketing and Advocacy
Cloud Computer Applications in Libraries
Scientometrics and Bibliometrics
Social Networking and Information Services

Track: Social Sciences and Humanities

Sub Tracks:

Political science
Tamil Language
Hindu Civilization

Track: Engineering and Technology

Sub Tracks:

Structural Engineering
Geo technical Engineering
Highway & Transportation Engineering
Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy
Sustainable Construction & Green Buildings
Disaster Management
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Communications & Information Engineering
Image & Signal Processing
Computers & Embedded Systems
Electronics & Instrumentation
Robotics, Control & Automation
Artificial Intelligence
Industrial Automation & Process Control
Production Planning & Maintenance Engineering
Quality Control& Management
Textile and Clothing Technology
Construction Management

Track: Business and Management

Sub Tracks:

Accounting and Finance
Business and Entrepreneurial Development
Human Resource Development
Marketing Management
Technology Management

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