Welcome to Academic and Students Affairs Division

Welcome to the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. As one of the most significant divisions of the University, the Academic and Student Affairs Division takes major part of the Student Enrolment, Annual General Convocation and provide administrative support for promoting research and publication activities of academic staff of the university through coordinating research activities.

The Key function of the Academic and Student Affairs Division is the enrolment of new intake of students to the University and maintaining their personal records and provide secretarial work at meeting of the Senate and their sub-committees. The branch helps carry out the activities of the Senate committees such as University Research Committee, Curriculum Development Committee, Endowments, Scholarships & Gold Medals Committee and Vice Chancellor’s Awards Evaluation Committee. The takes of convening meetings of all these committees on approved dates, recording proceeding, preparing minutes of all meetings, conveying decisions taken at these meetings to relevant authorities to take necessary follow-up action. For the Senate Research Management Committee, it performs under the guidance of the Committee such takes as the awarding of research grants and research allowance to academic staff and administrative staff members and monitoring the progress of research undertaken by grantees until completion.

Also the Academic and student Affairs Division involved in accommodating International Students to the University given by the Ministry of Higher Education. Further the division is handling their visa procedures, monthly stipend and other facilities related to their studentship.

In addition to the above activities, the division is involved in the preparatory work for the Annual General Convocation of the University. Of the activities related to the Annual General Convocation, the division has a major task of coordinating all the sub-committees, and prepares the detailed programme. The Senior Assistant Registrar attends meetings of organizing Committees of General Convocation. Further, he / she involved in activities which come under the purview of these sub committees such as [preparation of convocation documents, sending invitations to special guest of the Vice-Chancellor and Deans of Faculties, making arrangements for academic procession and student procession, co-ordinating the arrangement of venue, allocating seats for academic staff and graduands.

Our Functions
  1. Annual enrolment of students allocated by the University Grants Commission.
  2. Registration and facilitation of International students allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  3. Transfer and cancellation of students’ registration.
  4. Maintaining the students’ personal files.
  5. Preparation of students Identity Card and Record Books and issuing to students.
  6. Calling supplication forms for Annual Convocation and preparing the list of graduands.
  7. Preparation works for Convocation
  8. Preparation works on printing Degree Certificates and issuing to graduates.
  9. Maintaining the database of students’ statistics.
  10. Calling for Applications for Vice Chancellor’s Awards and conducting the Vice Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony
  11. Calling for Applications for Research Allowance from the academic and administrative staff of the University annually and its follow ups
  12. Calling for Applications for Research Grant from Academic staff of the University and its follow ups.
  13. Conducting Research and Publication Committee and its follow ups
  14. Conducting Curriculum Development Committees and its follow ups
  15. Conducting Financial Assistance Committees for Research and Academic Development (FRAD) and its follow ups