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Mr. A. Naseer Ahmed

Senior Lecturer Gr.I
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Applied Sciences

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Mr. A. Naseer Ahmed
Designation Senior Lecturer Gr.I
Department / Unit Dept. of Biological Sciences
Faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences
Tp +94 67 22 60892
Mobile +94 77 2849372
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  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Agriculture (UPDN)
  • M.Sc in Agric Economics (Plippines)
  • Head - Department of Biological Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Environmental Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Analysis
  • Environmental Economics
  • Agriculture
  • Annual Research Session
  • Ibnu Suhood, M.A. and A.N. Ahmed; Mangrove Ecosystem, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Publication, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL), May 2009.
  • Ibnu Suhood, M.A. and A.N. Ahmed; How to Plant Trees, CIDA Publication, SEUSL May 2009.
  • Ibnu Suhood M.A. and A.N. Ahmed; Hand Book of Plants, CIDA Publication, SEUSL, April 2009.
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  • Riyas Ahmed, A.M. and A.N. Ahmed; Mangroves, CIDA Publication, SEUSL, July 2008.
  • Riyas Ahmed, A.M. and A.N. Ahmed; Human Effects on Coral Reefs of Sri Lanka, CIDA Publication, SEUSL, May 2008.
  • Ahmed, A.N. and S.M. Kalees, Organic Agriculture: Training Guide for Farmers, CIDA Publication, SEUSL, 2008
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  • Razmy A.M., amd AN. Ahmed, Trends in Paddy Production in Sri Lanka. Journal of Management, Vol. - III, Faculty of Management & Commerce, SEUSL, Oct 2006.
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  • Jabeer A.A. and A.N. Ahmed ; A S tudy on Consumer Behaviour Pattern in Fish Marketing in Boralanda / welimada area is Sri Lanka, Agri-east , EUSL, Dec. 2001.
  • Ahmed A.N; Social Indicators as an Alternative Measures of Development; The Physical Quality of Life and Human Development Index, Koormai Millennium issue, EUSL March 2000.
  • Sivarajah P. and A.N. Ahmed; An Analysis of Rural Markets in Eastern Sri-Lanka, Agri East, EUSL, 2000.
  • Ahmed A.N. and S.Sivakumar ; An Analysis of Seed Paddy cultivation in the coastal belt of Ampara District, Kamanalam ,Publication of Hector Kobbegaduwa Agrarian Research Instutute,Colombo,March 1999.
  • Ahmed A.N. and S.Sivakumar; Excessive Chemical usage and its trends in Paddy cultivation in the Amparai District, Kamanalam, Publication of Hector Kobbegaduwa Agrarian Research Institute, 1999.
  • Ahmed A.N., P.Sivarajah and M.I.M. Zubair; Agro Chemicals Usage in Paddy Cultivation; The case at Ampara District, Economic Review, People's Publication, Colombo, July/August 1997.
  • Ahmed A.N; Mechanized paddy Cultivation and its Problems in the Ampara District., Economic Review, People's Publication, Colombo. July 1990.
  • Sivarajah P. and A.N. Ahmed; the Paddy Crop Insurance in Sri Lanka. An Overview; Economic Review, Peoples Bank Publication, Colombo, 1989.
  • Chairman, Curriculum Development Committee (CDC), Faculty of Applied Sciences, SEUSL from August 2012 to date.
  • Chairman, Internal Quality Assurance & Accreditation Unit of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka from January, 2012 to date.
  • Member, Senate Curriculum Development Committee, SEUSL from 2011 to date.
  • Member of the MoHE Edition Board of the 1st Annual Science Research Science - 2012, Empowering Regional Development through Science and Technology, FAS, SEUSL.
  • Reviewer Annual Research Session - 2009 Transition for New Paradigms, EUSL.
  • Reviewer 1st Annual Research Science 2012, Empowering Regional Development through Science & Technology, 2012.
  • Deputy Director, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Restore Project from March 2007 to March 2009.
  • Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, from July 2004 to 2007.
  • Procter from January 2004 to December 2004.
  • Coordinator / Institutional Project Coordinating Unit, Ministry of Economic Reforms, Science and Technology from Sept. 2003.
  • Head / Dept. of Biological Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, SEUSL from June 2001 to 2004.
  • Director / Staff Development Centre, SEUSL, form Sept. 2001 to Dec 2004.
  • President / Senior Common Room Society, SEUSL, from 2001 to 2003.
  • Chairman / Curriculum and Laboratory Committee, FAS. from 2001 to 2003.
  • Member / Career Guidance Committee, Examination and Admission Committee, FAS.
  • Member / Board of Management of Centre of Human Rights, Admission Committee, Leave and Award Committee, Convocation Committee and Senate, SEUSL.

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