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Journal of Management: Call for Papers
Date of Submission is exended

The Journal of Management is a refereed journal being published in April and October by the Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. By force of circumstances, we could not release the April Volume on time. Therefore, Vol. 10 and Vol. 11 will be published in July and in October this year respectively.

The research articles will be rigorously reviewed by two blind reviewers and the results will be notified to the authors with regard to their papers. The submission guidelines and other related information are attached herewith.

Important dates for Vol. 10
Paper submission : June 30 2014

Important dates for Vol. 11
Paper submission : July 30, 2014

I will be grateful, if you could kindly circulate this notice among your faculty members and encourage them to submit their research works.

It is also hereby noted that the authors are requested to send two hard copy of their papers to the Editor in Chief and also to send a soft copy to the following email address. /

Your kind cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thank you
Best regards,

Dr. MI. Mujahid Hilal
Editor in Chief
Journal of Management
Faculty of Management & Commerce
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

Journal of Management
Guidelines for Authors / Contributors

The main objective of this journal is to have it a medium for the dissemination of knowledge, obtained in the research conducted mainly by the academic staff, scientists and eminent scholars in the field of Management Sciences, so journal is to contain research papers, reviews, and short communications that are deemed to be significant contributions in the field of Management Sciences. The journal is circulated to a large number of libraries of Universities, Research Institutes and Learned societies throughout the world.

Editorial Policies
Contributions should be original work, which has neither been simultaneously submitted for publication nor published previously elsewhere. By submitting a research paper it is deemed that contributors transfer copyright of the paper to the journal.

The Journal of Management will be published twice in a year in April and October by the Faculty of Management & Commerce (FMC), South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

Refereeing and Editing
All manuscripts submitted for publication will be referred to at least two referees who are eminent scholars in the same field for examining and evaluating, its suitability for publication. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit the materials to confirm to the style and format of the Journal. Any substantial changes will, of course, be referred back first to the author.

Preparations and Submission of Manuscripts

  • General : The manuscript should be free of corrections. The language of publication is English. The style of writing should conform to acceptable English usage. Slang, jargon, unauthorized abbreviations, and abbreviated phrasings should be avoided. The name of the institute where the research was carried out should be stated with author's name. The corresponding authors name should be underlined. If the present address is different from the given address then it should be given as footnote.
  • Manuscript Layout: Although a rigid format is not insisted, it is usually, convenient to divide the papers into sections such as Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References. Authors are kindly requested to present two copies of their contribution, typed and single spaced on A4 paper. All works should be formatted in words, Times Roman font of 12 sizes. A manuscript of research paper is usually limited to 10 pages, including a 100 - 150 words long abstract and figures and tables. A list of 3 - 5 keywords indicating the contents of the article should also be included. Each page of the manuscript should be consecutively numbered. Review articles should normally be not more than 4000 words in length.
  • Title: The title should be concise and specific. If the article has a title over 30 characters in length, please provide a running title (brief title) for use as a header at the top of the page.
  • Quotations: When quoting directly, single quotations mark should be used. Any quotations over 40 words in length should remove the quotation marks and be indented (0.5 both left and right margins). Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. They should be numbered consequently, typed on a separate page at the end before the bibliography and, supplied as a separate file on the disk.
  • Research Methods: The research methods should be described in detailed sufficient for the protocol to be replicated. This section may also contain description of the statistics used and the activities that were recorded.
  • Figures and Tables: Figures and Tables should be submitted on separate sheet, with their location notes in the text. Table and figure references should be in a consistent style. Caption for illustration should be listed on a separate sheet.
  • References: Special care must be taken in citing references correctly. The accuracy of the citation is entirely with the author(s). Contributors are requested to adopt the Harvard system of referencing.
  • Proofs: The corresponding author will receive galley proofs by mail for correction, which must be returned to the editor within one week of receipt. Please ensure that a full postal address and e-mail address of the Corresponding author is given on the first page of manuscript so that proofs are not delayed in the mail. Please note that alterations in the text cannot be permitted during the proof reading.
  • Copyright: Once the paper is accepted a copyright-transfer form will be sent along with the proofs. The duly filled and signed form should be sent to the editor along with the proofs as mentioned above.
  • Submission: On the cover, authors should indicate the number of words, the inclusion of any diagrams. The first page of the typescript should bear the title of the paper, together with the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s). The second page of the typescript should repeat the title, followed by the main body of the text, which should conform strictly to these guidelines.

Address for Submissions:

Editor in Chief
Journal of Management
Faculty of Management & Commerce
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
University Park
Oluvil#32360, Sri Lanka.

TP: +94 67 2255184
Fax: +94 672255069