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University Development Grants (UDG)/SEUSL project was officially started by signing contract document between Project Director/HETC Project and Vice Chancellor/SEUSL on 14th of October 2011. This is a three year project and according to the agreement SLR 25 million has been allocated for first three years of project implementation. The project consist of four activities which are

Activity 1. Enhancing IT Skills

Activity 2. Improving English Language Skills

Activity 3. Strengthening Soft Skills

Activity 4. Promoting Ethnic Cohesion

Each Activity consists the procurement of GOODS, WORKS, CONSULTANCIES and OTHER SERVICES.

Mr. M.A.M. Sameem (Lecturer) - Grant Coordinator
Mr. M.B.M. Irshad (Snr. Lecturer) - Activity Coordinator
Dr. A.M.M. Navaz (Snr. Lecturer) - Activity Coordinator
Mr. A.M. Sheham (Lecturer Prob.) - Activity Coordinator
Mr. A.L. Sarifudeen (Lecturer Prob. - Activity Coordinator

The project has achieved 62% progress as at 31st of May 2014. Through the UDG, following activities were completed.

1. Consultancies
2. Works
3. Workshops/Trainings

  • Consultancy for Developing curriculum and course materials for the following 5 additional certificate courses of IT were completed on 30th of June 2014. The Consultant was Prof. S.R. Kodituwakku.
    1. Certificate Course in Office Automation
    2. Certificate Course in Web Design and Development
    3. Certificate Course in Database Design and Development
    4. Certificate Course in Network Administration
    5. Certificate Course in Graphic Design and Multimedia Applications

  • Consultants have been appointed for the following consultancies - Soft Skills.
    1. Ms. RushiraKulasingham - Developing Curriculum for Improving English Language.
    2. Dr. DAC. Suranga Siva - Developing Soft Skills Course and course material developing, Developing Soft Skills in the Co Curriculum.
    3. Mr. MAM. Sajeer - Developing Ethnic Cohesion Course and Course Material Development.
    4. Mrs. AY. Satheeswaran - Designing Second Language Course (Tamil) and Course Material Development.
    5. Mrs. EM. Anulawathi Designing Second Language Course (Sinhala) and Course Material Development.

Other Services/Workshops/Programs
  • Workshop for students Certificate course: First Batch of certificate course on soft skill has been completed and second batch programme scheduled to be commenced on 16th of June 2014.
  • Workshops for Second Language Training - Student: Sinhala classes for Tamil speaking students, nine classes (36 hours) have been completed in each program. Tamil class for Sinhala students, 28 hours so far have been completed.
  • Certificate Course on Multiculturalism was conducted.

Implementation of the UDG programs

Social integration & Community Link Program under the Ethnic Cohesion/UDG-HETC Project held on 18.11.2011 at River Bank. The program was targeted the students of the first year and the second year of all four faculties in order to create opportunities for social integrations among the students. This program included Traditional Games and Food Festival. Cultural Events was held on 03rd of December 2011. It was noted that Lecturers and students from University of Visual and performing Arts were also participated for this occasion. It was a successful program where all most 1200 students participated in this program.

  1. Class room has been set up at ELTU with 14 Study Table and 42 Chairs under sub component of UDG.
  2. Contracts have been awarded to the following civil works.
    • ICT - Refurbishment of ICT centre
    • English - Refurbishment of the ELTU at FAC and FAS
    • Soft Skills - Refurbishment of Soft Skill Center
    • Soft Skills - Outbound training centre within the university (On Progress)
    • Ethnic Cohesion - Set up a Multicultural centre.
  3. The following workshops have been conducted.
    • Workshop for Training for Trainers for Improving English Language
    • Workshop for Soft Skill Training for Teaching Staff
    • Workshop for Students (Certificate course on multiculturalism)