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Quality and Innovation Grant/Faculty of Applied Sciences (QIG/FAS) project was officially started by signing contract document between Project Director/HETC Project and Vice Chancellor/SEUSL on 22nd January 2013. This is a three year project and according to the agreement SLR 25 million has been allocated for first three years of project implementation. The project consist of two activities which are

Activity 1. Modernization of Curricula

Activity 2. Improving the Learning Environment

Each Activity consists the procurement of GOODS, WORKS, CONSULTANCIES and OTHER SERVICES.

Dr. M.I.S. Safeena (Snr. Lecturer) - Grant Coordinator
Dr. N.W.B. Balasooriya (Snr. Lecturer) - Activity Coordinator
Dr. R. Senthilnithy (Snr. Lecturer) - Activity Coordinator

The project has achieved 19% progress as at 31st of May 2014.